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PvE System

PvP System

Part 1

Prologue - The Encounter


The year is 2042, a mysterious physical entity appear out of nowhere in the middle of pacific, whose appearance resemble a tele-portal. It quickly catch attention of all superpowers, and a multinational alliance is formed for the mission of research and exploration, to find out what or who is on other side of the portal.

They call it The Genesis Portal.

In the first mission, a small group of volunteers enter the portal, and return successfully. It turns out, the portal bring them to a moon-like asteroid which fly around a planet that seems to harbor life. The alliance decides to name that planet Lonely Asteroid May Discover Anecdotes ( L.A.M.D.A ) and moon-like asteroid is LAMDA Moon.

Short names are Lamda and Lamdamoon.

And that alliance is L.A.M.D.A Alliance.

Given success and insights of the first mission, humanity decides to build many moonbases on Lamdamoon which is the forwarding station for exploratory missions on Lamda planet. They are called Lambases, where our journey begins.


No gameplay thus far, only marketing events for warming up and community building

Chapter 1 - Lambase Moon Station

In order to build Lambase, we need